Google Announces ‘Measurement Partners’ to Provide More Marketing Data Solutions

Google Announces ‘Measurement Partners’ to Provide More Marketing Data Solutions

Google is launching a new ‘Measurement Partners’ program to give advertisers access to more trusted data options for tracking their ad performance.

As explained by Google:

“We believe that measurement you can trust is critical for brands trying to understand the impact of their marketing. But as the customer journey has become more complex, measurement has become increasingly challenging. And while Google strives to build great solutions, some marketers prefer to rely on third-party measurement solutions.”

Catering to this, Google’s new program will see the search giant partner with more than 20 verified partner brands, including comScore, Nielsen and Oracle Data Cloud. The first round of announced Google Measurement Partners have met Google’s ‘rigorous standards for accuracy’, and will be able to provide insights on viewability, reach, brand safety and sales lift, among other elements.

“Partners offer various solutions that work across Google advertising products, including Google Marketing Platform (including Display & Video 360 and Search Ads 360), Google Ads, YouTube, and more. Existing partner programs like App Attribution and Marketing Mix Modeling are now included in Google Measurement Partners.”

The announcement is part of Google’s broader focus on improving transparency in ad data tracking. This week, Google also announced new cross-device measurement tools in Google Analytics, which will provide more insight into the evolving customer journey – particularly how people are increasingly using multiple devices on the path to purchase.

The more insights we have into exactly how people are viewing digital ad content, and taking subsequent action, the better we’ll be able to track ROI, which is a key focus for Google moving forward.

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