Twitter’s Adding a New Option to ‘Dock’ Videos so You Can Keep Watching as You Scroll

Twitter’s Adding a New Option to ‘Dock’ Videos so You Can Keep Watching as You Scroll

Here’s a helpful update – Twitter’s rolling out a new tool which will enable used to ‘dock’ on-platform videos, so they can keep watching as they scroll through their timeline within the app.

The update’s fairly straight-forward – by tapping on the new dock option at the top right of the full-screen play window, which is available now on the latest version for Android, the video play screen will minimize and keep playing as you go back to scrolling. You can move the smaller video screen around to wherever you like, then swipe it away when you want to get rid of it.

The functionality is similar to what’s been available on Facebook for some time, though Facebook’s tool automatically kicks in when you scroll away from a video as it plays.

You have to actually dock the video with Twitter’s tool, but essentially it’s the same.

It’s a good addition for Twitter. Previous research has shown that up to 87% of consumers now use a second screen device while watching TV, and Twitter’s real-time focus makes it a great compliment for live content viewing. The capacity to watch Twitter’s own live-stream content, while viewing the accompanying tweet discussion, seems like a no-brainer – Twitter has been working to incorporate the two elements (tweeting and viewing) for some time, in varying ways, though this seems like the most obvious, and simple, solution.

As noted, the new video docking option is available now on Android, and will be coming soon iOS.

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