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Our Customers have Picked MDC Media Services, for Good Reason.


At MDC Media Services, we firmly believe that marketing must be carefully adapted to the level of digital infrastructure, and particular user behavior specific to each country. We feel this is paramount to creating positive, and truly interactive, brand and customer experiences online. MDC’s cross-cultural nature and approach take the localization needs of its global clients to the next level.

Our digital expertise allows us to accurately interpret our clients’ objectives, and develop an informed strategy that will maximize the value of their online presence in the world. We can then handle its implementation at any stage, ranging from web development,online & physical marketing, to media planning and expansion. We at MDC understand that results matter. We not only help our clients offer a profitable brand experience by truly involving their target audience, we also help them measure the success of their interactive & regular signage projects.


  •   Quick and convenient Localization Support
  •   Sites that are visually pleasing and easy to navigate
  •   Flexible, Responsive Layouts
  •   Compatible with Major Browsers
  •   Attuned to Smartphones and Tablet PCs
  •   All manner of print materials


Our Print designs are customized to your corporate vision in vibrant & lasting colors. From posters & banners to magazines & photo albums.
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Video Production & Editing

Our support team is top notch. Our videos &  documentaries offer a wealth of information to help deliver your message.
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Web Design

Our themes are created to work seamlessly across all modern browsers including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and IE8+.
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Graphic Design

Our designs are constantly evolving. We don’t release designs and just forget about them. We breathe new life in to our old designs.
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Large Format Printing

Our print designs are fresh and crisp. They will make people look at your ads.
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Web Hosting

MDC Host Reliable Web Hosting keeps your website up and running. Featuring 99.9% uptime guarantee and award winning 24/7 tech support!
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Web Development

Our designers will not just give you one option and hope you like it. We develop concepts and options that we feel will really make a difference to your company. Being a small agency keeps things simple, we can tackle any project thrown our way big or small. You will deal with the creatives not a cheesy, pushy sales guy or account manager. We work along side our clients to achieve great result on time and on budget.

We currently have clients in Canada, US and Puerto Rico.  To work remotely, we use project management software.  This means you will be able to track our progress and see what we’re working on, in real time.  We also communicate directly through email, over the phone or on IM / Skype.


Online Marketing

Our designers will not just give you one option and hope you like it. We develop concepts and options that we feel will really make a difference to your company.

We drive to maintain a consistent user experience across the many mobile operating systems. This means designing and developing simple to use user interfaces, which work consistently at different sizes and scales (ie phones vs tablets vs screen), and developing the back-end software to meet each platform’s specific requirements.

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